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What We Offer

We’re here to help our clients understand their insurance options, coverage, and what to expect from us – which is top-quality, affordable insurance, and great service!


Medicare Plans

We look for plans such as Medicare Advantage by zip code, price, & more. Let us walk you through it!


Medicare Supplements

Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer, Short Term & Long Term Care, and more are available to fill the gaps of Medicare.


Prescription Drugs

Find the best Prescription Drug (Rx) Plans that fit your health needs & price range best.


Medicare Advantage

This combines Part A & B, and includes Prescription Drug Coverage.

How It Works

Enrolling in Medicare or Supplement Plans doesn’t have to be hard! In just two steps we can figure out the right plan for you!

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Let’s discuss your needs and figure out which plans make the most sense for you!



After deciding which plans are the best fit, you will then sign up and enroll. This will be your plan for the next year, so I will help you do it right.

Ongoing Support

Your Medicare support doesn’t end after enrollment – I’m here to help you through the year to make sure you have the best support from a local agent.

Personalized Medicare Services For Every Situation

As an independent insurance broker focused on Medicare and Health Insurance plans, you can rest assured Bunata Insurance is your ideal partner when it comes to finding the best solutions for your individual health insurance needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Clients Love Us!

I am very pleased with my recent Medicare insurance purchase. I worked with Michael to make sure that I had the coverage that was right for me and my family, while at the same time staying within my budget. The service was great and he even walked me through how to file a claim if I needed to in case of an accident. My wife agrees that we made a great choice.

I recently switched to Bunata Insurance. I had been a customer of another agent for years, but they didn’t provide many services. When I found Bunata Ins., I was blown away by the amazing service that they offer. With them, I am able to save a ton of money on my monthly premiums and have more freedom with choices for coverage.

A few months ago, my family and I needed help to get my mom on Medicare. We were clueless about what to do or whom to contact. Thankfully, we had the right insurance coverage, so Bunata Insurance was there for us. He was so attentive and patient with us and guided us through the process without creating additional stress. It made me feel like my family was in good hands.

Meet Michael Bunata

Michael Bunata started in the insurance industry in 2015, selling Senior Health Insurance products (Medicare) in Utah. He even helps people who are under 65 and who are not on Medicare. Most people not on Medicare know it best as Obama Care, ACA, and

Michael Bunata’s goal is to ensure the person receives the most health insurance with little or no money out of pocket. Now in Arkansas, he is one of few Insurance Agents who takes the time to help someone in need. As you may or may not know, the health insurance industry changes yearly, and it seems like the government makes it more and more challenging to enroll in Medicare. Medicare can seem incredibly difficult and it makes most people feel intimidated when trying to enroll.

Michael takes the “bull by the horns” approach. He helps you create a Social Security account, and once your account is created, Michael then takes you through enrolling you in Medicare.

For those who are under 65 and not on Medicare, Michael will do everything possible to get you insured. Michael will find a way to contact you or contact a family health insurance with the most insurance coverage and the lowest out-of-pocket premium possible.

Michael Bunata, a Licensed Insurance Agent in Arkansas, has always been passionate about helping people and he will always go over and beyond to help you with your insurance needs. Michael does not charge for his services, and it’s at no cost for him to meet with you.

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What we Do

Prescription Drug Plans 
Dental, Vision, Hearing
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Medicare Supplements

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